Monday, August 26, 2019

Cilantro's Neighborhood Cantina Serving Fresh Latin Food in Western Howard County

Trio of Al Pastor Tacos

Just a month old, this latin restaurant is serving up a fair amount of latin/mexican fare. In a very quiet town, western Howard County gets another food option in the name of Cilantro’s Neighborhood Cantina. The restaurant is located on the side of a building that is shared with a number of offices and shops (it is on the left side when viewing the building from the road). Still awaiting a proper sign, you will have to trust that the unmarked door leads into the restaurant. UPDATE: A beautiful sign is now up.

Inside with full wall mural

Once inside, you will see a nicely decorated interior. A full mural on the side wall hovers over a good use of space with ample seating. There is even a nice small little outdoor waiting area near the side door which many mistaken as the entrance.

Side door with comfy outdoor chairs

There is plenty to choose with a good selection of drinks and food. They have a lot of common items from fajitas to tacos. The one thing I was curious about was the “Open Faced Quesadillas”. Little Nom loves quesadillas so we ordered the Cheasapeake. After begging Little Nom for a bite, it was fantastic tasting. I’ll definitely be ordering that for myself next time.

Cheasapeake Open Faced Quesadilla

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