Monday, September 2, 2019

The Perfect Lunch Food... Banh Mi

Bahn Mi Traditional Sandwich

Clarksville Commons is growing their army of businesses. Strolling into the food hall, I had to circle around twice because I didn’t see it at first. But tucked into the corner, next to the water dispenser is Anh-Mazing Banh Mi, a shop that serves Vietnamese sandwiches.

Front view (left side is Anh-Mazing Banh Mi)

What is Banh Mi? It’s a sub with pickled veggies and a meat (typically ham or pork). The traditional sandwich also includes pate. In Vietnam, it is more of a breakfast food but over here it is the perfect lunch.

Anh-Mazing Banh Mi is a great little stand that is focused on serving these sandwiches. Before, the only places in Howard County you can find these are pho restaurants. Anh-Mazing has four different types of sandwiches just in case pate isn’t your thing. One is a vegan option. The signature baguette is what makes the sandwich. The pickled veggies are refreshing. A nice chicken soup is served with the sandwich that is great, Little Nom loved it.

If you’re in Clarksville, stop by Clarksville Commons and try a Bahn Mi. Make sure you’re at the right stand though as right next to them is another food stand stall (I definitely got confused).

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