Monday, September 9, 2019

A Restaurant That Bleeds Maryland Blood

Maryland Decor Everywhere

We are Maryland fans, both the wife and I were born here, we went to school here, and now we’re raising a family here. My wallet hopes that Little Nom goes to an in-state school. The decor of this next place is just like us: live, breathe and die, Maryland. I’m talking about The Beef Brothers Deli in Ellicott City.

Collage Wall

Walking into this place, you can’t help but notice all the sports memorabilia of Maryland teams from college to professional. The right wall is a collage of sports photos. There are some great moments, my favorite is crying Duke kid. Even the bathroom has a great Steelers jab. We had a perfect day at BB Deli as the televisions had on the Maryland football game against Syracuse (which we dominated).

Philly Cheesesteak

Beef Brothers has never disappointed in the food. Great subs and pizza. The cheesesteak is our go to and they definitely don’t disappoint. Little Nom gets their pizza kids meal which comes with Little Nom’s favorite foods: fries, a huge slice of pizza, and juice. If you have room for dessert they have some great flavors of pie. And if you live in the area, their free delivery service is refreshing in the era of delivery apps.

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