Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Popcorn Chicken and Bubble Tea? Yes, Please!

Beef Noodle Soup

It was a late night and I had to be the caretaker of the household. Mrs. Nom Nom was sick from whatever was going around this past month. Little Nom was low on their milk and lunch supplies, so after work I went grocery shopping. It was late by the time I got out and wondered what to pick up for dinner. That’s where this place saved the day. With their incredibly quick service and simple menu, we ate well that night. I am excited that we finally have a Jumbo Jumbo Cafe in Howard County.

Outside of Jumbo Jumbo Cafe

This take out and bubble tea shop originates from Rockville. They have grown to 5 locations across Maryland. They serve Taiwanese food which is birth place of my favorite drink, bubble tea. The menu is a very slim version from some of the other locations with just 7 entrees or meals. But there are some great choices in that 7.

It was already dark when I pulled up. I was surprised to see how nice and bright the inside was. The large purple sign and floor to ceiling windows were eye catching. Walking in, you’re met with a large chest height counter with a small seating area to the right. It’s perfect for meeting a friend for drinks or staying for a quick meal but carry out is their focus.

Peach Tea with Bubble

Behind the counter are all the bubble tea ingredients. Of course I ordered one :) A nice peach tea with bubbles. You can tell they are serious with three lid sealer machines just waiting to be used. The bubbles were cooked well and marinated nicely. It is a welcome addition to the bubble tea game that is already strong on korean way.

Oriental Ground Pork on Rice

Jumbo Jumbo isn’t your typical bubble tea place. It’s a carry out place that also does bubble tea very well. Mrs. Nom Nom and I both got the Beef Noodle Soup. We loved it. The broth was nice and flavorful. The beef was soft and tender. It was just a great meal that hit the spot. I was scared for Little Nom cause their favorite Asian food is dumplings… they aren’t on the menu. Little Nom isn’t big into noodles so I ordered Ground Pork on Rice. Thank the lord, they buried their face into it. Little Nom especially liked the egg.

Last but not least, the Taiwanese chicken is the main attraction. You can get it as an appetizer or as a meal. The spice on the chicken is addicting. I usually get it as a snack and Little Nom takes more than half. I think they just like stabbing the chicken with the large toothpick.

We’ll definitely be adding Jumbo Jumbo to our rotation. Perfect for lunch or dinner. Let me know what you think of the chicken.

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