Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Family Dinner, Spend It Here

Unfortunately, this establishment is now closed permanently.
Modern Market Brings Healthy Options

Once we had Little Nom, our life changed. One of those things were how we decide what to get for dinner. Mrs. Nom Nom and I have very similar taste buds and we love every type of food. Little Nom did not get that trait. So when there’s a place that gets Little Nom’s stamp of approval, you know it’s a keeper. Modern Market is one of of our favorite places to go as a family for dinner.

Open Inside Offers Ample Seating

Inside there is plenty of seating. Their relaxed open environment makes it very friendly and inviting. Little Nom loves the space. The queue line barriers are her own little monkey bars. The one thing I haven’t seen anywhere else are the bathroom sinks. You have to go see those sinks for yourself :)

Sesame Glazed Tofu Platter

The food offerings are plenty. They have sandwiches, pizza, rice bowls, salads, and platters. They also have various offerings of avocado toast for your inner hipster. I usually get the platter which is pretty simple, 1 protein and 2 sides. I have had all the proteins and each one of them are spot on. My favorite is the steak. Mrs. Nom Nom loves their selection of drinks and lemonades. The cucumber mint lemonade is really good. Little Nom gets the pizza kids meal which comes with a huge portion of 3 slices of pizza.

Lemonades Are On Point

We love going to Modern Market as it is a great balance of easy and healthy meals that taste great. The portions are large enough that we always leave feeling full. The best part is just the relaxed setting they have. We never feel rushed and it’s very easy to just grab a take out box (conveniently placed next to the drink machine), clean up, and go.

As of right now, Modern Market offers one of the most amazing deals that we frequently take advantage of. Kid’s eat free Sunday and Monday nights (with an adult entree purchase). For those of you with young families out there, get out to Modern Market and enjoy the time together.

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