Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Best Soup to Have When It's Cold

Outside Yet Nal House

Tucked away at the far end of route 40 west is a great korean establishment that one can easily pass over. For those that can’t read korean (which I do not), it is very intimidating to know if you are at the right place. The sign is white with red korean characters and the only english words are “Korean Cuisine” below it. The windows are covered in vinyl decals that offer no visibility inside. You can peek through the door but you will only see a narrow hallway lined with sparse shelving to the left and the glow of fluorescent lights coming from refrigerator units to the right. This is Yet Nal House.

Inside Yet Nal House

Once inside, you will uncover a whole seating area to the left. The waitress handed us the menus and asked us what we like to drink. They serve korean hot tea which I absolutely love. It’s a hot barley tea that just has amazing flavor. The menu though by far is the best menu I have ever seen. I won’t give away any more than that but you definitely have to check it out for yourself. Please go just to see the menu.

Pork Bone and Potato Soup

We always come here for the soup. It’s a great place to get a break from eating all the fried / heavy foods that we usually eat. I recommend the spicy short rib soup. Warning, it does have some kick to it (I’m a lightweight in terms of spice). I’ve noticed after just two spoonfuls I’ll start taking mouthfuls of rice. The pork bone and potato soup is also another one of my favorites and not as spicy. The soups are crazy hot (temperature) when they come out. I always burn my tongue cause I can’t wait long enough to start eating. Little Nom downs their dumplings.

There is plenty of variety to pick from at Yet Nal House. They seem to provide a lot of staple korean dishes such as bibimbap, korean bbq, and rice cakes. They also offer many sushi items. Surprising enough, last time we were there, folks at Bippy’s Pub next door were ordering sushi which Yet Nal House delivered to their table at Bippy’s. A great feature for the Bippy’s Pub folks.

It’s a great time to visit Yet Nal House now that the weather is getting colder. Do you guys know of any other great soup places?

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