Tuesday, November 12, 2019

This Maryland Restaurant Has Taken Off

Cava Bowl

This restaurant has exploded in the past couple years. Originating from Rockville, it’s amazing to see how many locations have spread across the nation. The restaurant is in 12 states with over 87 locations and more coming soon. It shows that the concept of this restaurant works. If you haven’t had Cava yet then rush to Columbia.

Outside Cava

Cava serves great bowls with your choice of dip and protein. You really can’t go wrong with your picks but I do say there are a lot of choices. I personally like the Eggplant + Red Pepper Dip and the Hummus. The meatballs are their iconic protein but I go for the chicken. The one topping that you must get though no matter what is the Pita Crisps (As of this writing, pita crisps are temporarily unavailable. Instead crispy chickpeas are there). They give a nice crunchiness to the bowl that really takes it to another level. I get a free pita with my bowl and let Little Nom make a nice little gyro with a quarter of my bowl. Even with Little Nom’s help, I struggle to finish everything.

Inside Cava

One tip, use their app. Not only do you skip the long line (at lunch) but it really is a great app. You get to see all the ingredients and have time to pick and choose what you really want in your bowl without holding up the line.

Mr. Nom Nom’s Cava Bowl

½ Brown Rice, ½ Black Lentils, Eggplant + Red Pepper Dip (2), Hummus, Grilled Chicken, Shredded Romaine, Pickled Onions, Crumbled Feta, Cabbage Slaw, Tomato & Onion, Tomato & Cucumber, Pita Crisps, Lemon Herb Tahini.

Have you tried Cava yet? Do you guys have a favorite topping or bowl? Let me know.

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