Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Corn Dogs, Need I Say More

Premium Sausage Hotdog

It has been a long time since I’ve had this much excitement waiting in line for food. Once I found out about this place, I got there as fast as possible. Ssong’s Hotdog has brought the Little Nom out of me. I’ve never had Korean hot dogs before and Howard County has never had a place like this before. So you can bet that the first chance I got, I bolted over to the Columbia Mall to try.

Ssong's Hotdog 2nd floor Columbia Mall

The first thing that intrigued me was what are these Korean hot dogs. Supposedly these are a very popular street food from Korea that has made it’s way to US soil (mainly on the west coast). Corn dogs are definitely no stranger to my tummy. I’m embarrassed to say that Mrs. Nom Nom and I have bought Costco bulk corn dogs. But how different can this be?

Handmade Per Order

The menu is very simple. You basically pick what you want as the core of the corn dog. I got the Premium Sausage Hotdog (go big or go home right?). The best part is it’s made right then and there. It was amazing to watch as they prepared the food. They dipped the sausage in a thick creamy batter and then rolled it in panko breadcrumbs. It was a thing of beauty. While I was waiting I saw another customer get the Mozz Sausage Hotdog where the top half core was mozzarella cheese. Watching them eat the cheese was exactly what you would expect. A nice long stretchy string of cheese flowed from the stick to their mouth when they took their first bite.

Hotdog and Rice Punch

When my food was ready, they offered toppings like powdered sugar, honey mustard, ketchup. I regret not getting any of these because at the time I just didn’t know what was normal. I will definitely put those on next time. They have a nice small standing area where you can eat next to two corn dog statues. That’s where I took one bite…. perfection. The panko breadcrumbs were perfect and made me question why corn dogs weren’t like this originally. The sausage was great tasting and juicy. I ordered a sweet rice punch to go along with my treat and boy did it not disappoint. I didn’t know what to expect flavor-wise. The best I can describe it is a sweet barley drink. It was very refreshing with just the right amount of sweetness.

I apologize to Little Nom and Mrs. Nom Nom as I selfishly went by myself. I will definitely have to make it up to them and take them here. I think we’ll have to add Ssong’s Hotdog to the routine right after Little Nom’s carousel ride.

Chopstick as the Stick

I really liked that the stick of the corn dog was actually a chop stick. Does anyone know what the writing on the chopstick says?

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