Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Bibimbap by Bibibop, Say That Five Times Fast

Bibimbap Bowl

To find a Korean shop that isn’t on Korean Way or originate from there, is rare. Of all places, this place has roots in Columbus, Ohio. But they are doing something right, having 37 locations in DC and 6 states. This is the fourth location in Maryland, first in Howard County. This restaurant is located on robot statue alley of the mall (is there a real name for this section?). Bibibop provides simple and healthy choices that you customize to build your own bibimbap.

Outside of Bibibop

What is bibimbap? I think of it as a Korean Chipotle. You have your protein, your base (rice, salad, or noodles), and then a lot of sides. The best thing about bibimbap is that every ingredient feels very light. Just reading off the sides: egg, cucumber, radish, kale, carrots, cabbage, corn, cheese, and bean sprouts; they all seem great. The sauce is what sets this place apart. Not only do they have 6 different sauces to choose from. They have a sauce station you can go to that you can add more or try a different one.

Wide Selection of Choices

In a place with tough competition, Bibibop is a nice healthy option that sets itself apart from the rest. I will have to try the free miso soup next time. Have you had Bibibop before? If so, let me know your bowl recipe as I’m still perfecting mine.

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