Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Food Cart to Franchise, Halal Guys Come To Howard County

The Halal Guys Sign

If you had the pleasure to visit or live in New York in the past decade or two, you may have heard of this place. They started from a small hot dog cart to what is now over 200 locations. They’ve had huge success in one of the toughest food competitive cities and have now opened in Howard County. They’ve opened at the Columbia Mall across the parking lot near Kung Fu Tea and Bonchon Chicken. Just 1 of 4 locations in Maryland, The Halal Guys serves up fast and simple halal food.


When entering, you’ll see a nice large open space with plenty of seating. The color palette consists of silver, red, and a splash of yellow. In the back is a long counter where you can pick between a platter or a sandwich. The options are so simple that you will not get that anxiety that I do when picking ingredients. Your choice of meat is chicken or beef. Toppings include rice, lettuce, and tomatoes as standard. The most important thing is to get the famous white sauce. Their white sauce is so famous that they have individual packs for you to be able to buy extra if you want.

Combination Platter

I get the platter. There’s something so refreshing with the simplicity of the dish. It is a lot of food for one person that I never finish. The small slices of pita always get stolen by Little Nom. Little Nom also loves tomatoes so all the tomatoes go to them. You’ll find out that the white sauce is absolutely amazing. There’s a self serve bottle with the sauce in a small fridge next to the drinks, if you ever need more.

Famous White Sauce

The Halal Guys is a welcome addition to the line of restaurants across the parking lot of the mall. This is an exciting time for Downtown Columbia with a lot of new places opening soon. This will be a competitive area for dining choices.

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