Tuesday, January 28, 2020

A Nice Bowl of Vietnamese Noodle Soup


Since it’s still cold outside, we’ve been really hitting all the hot bowl of noodle joints in the area. So how could we not go to this place. It’s been a staple in Howard County for a long time, at least 18 years now. It has stood tall while many restaurants in its shopping center have come and gone. If you are looking for a place for your vietnamese and chinese cuisines, look no further than Pho Dat Thanh off of Snowden River Parkway in Columbia.

Outside of Pho Dat Thanh

Pho Dat Thanh hasn’t changed much at all since it first opened back in ~2002. Once you enter, you are greeted by a bar to the left and a large amount of seating to the right. There is not much to the layout, simple and efficient. It is a quality that has been consistent with the restaurant. The menu has a wide variety of dishes. Many of the staple vietnamese dishes such as Pho, Banh cha, or Goi Cuon are available. They also have a good spread of other asian noodles such as Pad Thai, Singapore Rice Noodles, and Chow Fun (all are worthy of a Nom Nom stamp of approval).

Excellent roll appetizers

We start out with our favorite appetizers, the summer rolls. They are light and refreshing egg rolls wrapped with rice paper. Inside are shrimp, rice noodle and a some leafy greens. We ordered the spring rolls as well, they are a stark contrast to the summer roll. The spring rolls are a fried roll with meat inside. Two very different rolls but both are very addicting.

Pho with Egg Noodle

Both Mrs Nom Nom and I are simple with our Pho orders. We just get the Tai (slice of eye of round steak) with egg noodle. I know, it isn’t true authentic pho with rice noodle but the egg noodles just can’t be beat. The texture and taste of the egg noodle really work well with the broth. Trust me, once you order egg noodle you will never go back.

Are you a Pho expert? We are always confused with the other cuts of beef… tripe? brisket? flank? What pho do you get? We’d gladly take any recommendations to up our Pho game.

More Links of Pho Dat Thanh

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