Tuesday, February 4, 2020

A Happening Restaurant in the Farm Land

Outside Walker's

In a very sleepy town, surrounded by horses and open land, lies a gem of restaurant. You wouldn’t expect this restaurant to be here. Open for a couple of months now, Walkers Tap & Table is bringing American fare to Western Howard County.

Host Area

Walking in, you immediately gaze at the sleek modern rustic design. The furniture consists of black and gray colors. To the far left is a very large bar (a lot of taps) surrounded by very large televisions. A nice striking red pizza oven and prepping area is in the far back corner. Some walls showcase a nice white brick with dark gray mortar, while others have a nice earthy shiplap. Above you is a great exposed dark ceiling. If you can’t tell, I’m loving the look.

Walker’s menu will change seasonally and many ingredients will be from local farms. Their location will definitely give them a wide variety of sources to choose from.

Chef's Burger

Mrs. Nom Nom had the Walker Burger. I had the Chef’s Burger (Southwest Burger). The chef’s burger changes periodically, along with many items on the menu. The burgers were exceptional. The best part is the pickles. They are home made with a really nice sweetness to it. Little Nom had a nice little cheese pizza. They do have a kid’s menu, it’s just not printed anywhere.

Kid's Cheese Pizza

Walker’s is well worth the trip to WeHoCo. We will definitely be back to try the pizza. Any of you from WeHoCo? Have you been to Walker’s? Do you like the term WeHoCo?

More Links of Walker's Tap & Table

Do you have any news on upcoming restaurants? Or are you the owner opening a restaurant in Howard County? Let me know in the comments below or contact me at hoconomnom@gmail.com.

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