Monday, February 10, 2020

European Pastries and Coffee Come to Columbia


There’s a beautiful cozy space tucked in the back corner off of Dobbin Lane. This is where our next restaurant has settled in quite nicely, a big contrast to the surrounding auto repair shops and bustling shopping centers. The original shop started in Baltimore and has come to the Columbia area. They pride themselves on their baked goods, taking traditions from Austria. Roggenart is where you’ll find yourself lost in pastries, coffee, and conversation.

Inside Roggenart

I have to confess that Roggenart is what I dream of when thinking about retired life. Being able to stroll into this place everyday, sit and relax with a coffee and pastry, and just reminisce on when Little Nom was still little. When you step in, you feel that you are outside of a little cafe in Europe. The tables are small and intimate, just perfect for catching up with friends or reading a good book.

Ham and Egg on Croissant

A long white counter showcases the breads and pastries that are available. It takes shear will power not to overload on the pastries. For those on the hungrier side, Roggenart offers a nice selection of sandwiches. The open faced sandwiches called “Bites” are toast on steroids. Mrs. Nom Nom and I shared a salmon bite. Mrs. Nom Nom loves smoked salmon. I had a ham and egg breakfast sandwich on a croissant. The croissant was really good and flakey. Mrs. Nom Nom had the turkey sandwich which looked like it came right out of the menu’s photo.

Turkey Sandwich

We need more relaxing places like this. Do you have a place that you find comfortable and love relaxing at?

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