Friday, February 28, 2020

Hollywood Has Hit Hoco

An interesting week here at Howard County. A celebrity chef has been spotted and a lot of secrecy is going on in Old Ellicott City. We have another unexpected closure of a long running restaurant. And a new restaurant with a curious name.

Main Street Revival - Ellicott City

A lot of secrecy is going on in Old Ellicott City this week. Parking lots are closed, streets are shut down, shuttles are being provided, and a celebrity has been spotted. Gordon Ramsay is in town and he brought a couple of his “Hell on Wheels” trucks. Reddit users report work is being done at the Little Market Cafe, Ellicott Mills Brewery, and Phoenix Emporium. Definitely can’t wait to see what happens.

UPDATE (2/29/20): The show is 24 hrs to Hell and Back. The episode will air sometime in May.

The Periodic Table - Columbia

Back in May 2019, Centre Park Grill closed from a small kitchen fire. The sign is still up and it’s even reported that the tables inside are still set. After such a sudden exit and almost a year later, a new restaurant will be tacking its place. It will be called The Periodic Table. I have to say that I’m already very curious just by the name itself. Does anyone have anymore info about this place?

The Melting Pot - Closed - Columbia

The Melting Pot has been in Columbia for a long time, 15 years! It has since closed on 02/20/20. See the message on the website below.

Do you have any news on upcoming restaurants? Or are you the owner opening a restaurant in Howard County? Let me know in the comments below or contact me at

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