Tuesday, March 3, 2020

A Hidden Fine Dining Gem

Inside Xenia

Hidden in a business office and tucked in the back of a business park, you wouldn’t expect a restaurant to be here. But don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Inside is a gorgeous interior, probably one of the prettiest interiors that I’ve seen in Howard County. Xenia Greek Kouzina is an original concept and gives us another option for a fine dining experience in Howard County.

Outside Xenia

When you step inside Xenia, you’d think you were in the city and not here in the burbs. The vibe is hip and modern with plenty of white marble and frosted glass. Blue lighting is everywhere, I thought I was transported beneath the ocean. Straight ahead, you will see a display of seafood embedded in a wall of ice. To the left is a large ornate glass ceiling display that is mesmerizing. For all of you that have Little Noms, you will want to leave them with the babysitter for this one.


Here’s some recommendations. The Mousaka, very similar to a Shepherd’s Pie, is highly recommended by the friends that accompanied us. They said it was very smooth and creamy. The Lamb Shanks were very tender and juicy. Mrs Nom Nom got the filet and it was cooked perfectly. The Chilean Bass wasn’t bad, it was cooked with a simple tomato sauce and roasted potatoes. All the dishes came out plated beautifully


The real treat of the night was the dessert. We ordered the Loukoumades which is basically a donut infused with a honey syrup. It was crispy on the outside but soft and juicy on the inside. We were able to share one order between the 4 of us. I’m glad we shared, if I had anymore, I would be addicted.

Xenia Greek Kouzina was a pleasant surprise. Service was great and the place looks amazing. Definitely keep this place in mind for that upcoming special night out.

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