Saturday, July 18, 2020

A Lobster Roll Virtual Restaurant and a Real New York Style Deli

During these times, we may start seeing more virtual restaurants starting to appear. This is the first I’ve heard of the term but it makes plenty of sense. It’s a restaurant that has a full menu that exists online. They share kitchen space with another establishment and rely heavily on online platforms for orders. We now have one of these that serve lobster rolls (continue reading to know where). Now i’m intrigued, are there more virtual restaurants around?

Tommy’s Lobster Roll - Columbia

Tommy’s Lobster Roll is a virtual restaurant that uses Uber Eats, Grubhub and DoorDash to provide it’s service. However, you can call your order in and pick up your order at The Turn House. Their lobster rolls look mouth watering and perfect for the summer.

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Mikey & Mel’s - Fulton

A lot of people are excited about this. Coming at the end of summer. A true new york style deli is opening up in Howard County. I am stoked to try their corned beef sandwich.

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Bushel & Peck - Clarksville

A new restaurant will be opening up in the space that Food Plenty occupied at the Clarksville Commons. The restaurant will be called Bushel and a Peck Kitchen & Bar and is brought to you by people from Iron Bridge. Seafood will be a main focus for food.


Do you have any news on upcoming restaurants? Or are you the owner opening a restaurant in Howard County? Let me know in the comments below or contact me at

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