Monday, August 31, 2020

The Best Tacos Are Now In Ellicott City

Al Pastor Tacos To Die For

Have you ever asked, where can I get the best tacos? It’s a legit request. If wherever you are, the answer is Taco Bell, then you don’t know what you’re missing. So where’s the best place to get tacos in Howard County? I have the place for you in today’s post. And they are mouth watering.

Bright Yellow Truck

Disclaimer: The Nom Nom family have snarfed down Taco Bell and we regularly do a taco night. But they are no way even close to what authentic Mexican tacos are like. With our untuned taste, take our recommendation with a grain of salt but Taqueria Los Primos is what I would say is the best tacos in Howard County.

Asada Tacos

Now with 2 brick and mortar locations and 3 trucks. The newest truck is in Ellicott City parked in the back of a gas station. There’s plenty of space for parking near the truck. There isn’t any tables or chairs but a number of people would just sit in their car and eat. To order, you just go up and walk to the window on the left. The menu is pretty extensive and is plastered across the side of the truck. They also have pamphlets at the window.

Asado Gorditas

If you have ever been to the restaurants in Jessup, the food has the same great taste. Out of all their tacos, I love their Al Pastor. It has a really nice flavor that just pops. Mrs. Nom Nom got their Asada tacos and gorditas. The Al Pastor is the more flavorful one but the steak was juicier. They provide a green and a red sauce, I can’t handle the red (too spicy) but the green is just right and just ties everything together. Little Nom picked off both of our tacos sauceless so it’s just a testament to really how tasty and juicy the meat is. If you’re looking to get a drink and really like nutty flavors, I would definitely recommend the Horchata. They make it in house. It’s a nice refreshing drink with the consistency of a smoothie.

Mrs. Nom Nom and I are already planning our next visit. Highly recommend you get out and try. Do you have a favorite taco place? Is there an even better place I need to try? Let me know.

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