Sunday, June 6, 2021

Cicadas Aren't the Only Thing That's Arrived

I step away for just a few months and look what’s happened. I see peoples’ faces aren’t masked up anymore. The weather is on a roller coaster ride from 50 degrees to 90 degrees. A plague of bugs have taken over our land. But cicadas aren’t the only thing that’s arrived. New restaurants are popping up again and it didn’t have to take 17 years for that to happen.

With summer just around the corner and COVID numbers decreasing to record lows, I think it’s time to start getting back out there. Be on the look out for restaurant review posts, as get back to dining in. As for all the upcoming news, take a look at the full post below.

Past Updates Now Open: sushi q, the Charmery, Foodmarket, Roggenart, CM Chicken

Pho La Cay & Mango Grove - Columbia - Open Now

After the terrible gas explosion that has left them missing for almost 2 years, Mango Grove and Pho La Cay are finally back. Located in the restored Lakeside Retail Center off of Standford Blvd. I am so happy for their return and will see you all there.

Dive Bar & Grille - Savage - Coming Soon

A new restaurant is opening up this month to replace the old Ram’s Head Tavern. The restaurant is a chain originally from Pennsylvania that serves American fare. This will breath some new life into Savage Mill. Fellas, dating tip #253, dinner here complimented with a little stroll along to the Patuxent.

Pepper House - Ellicott City - Open Now

We can’t wait to try this one out. Pepper House specializes in Szechuan noodles and is located in the Bethany 40 center. The pictures are salivating. This might be one of those hidden gems (considering the reviews, won’t be hidden much longer).

Chosun Hwaro - Ellicott City - Open Now

User frankhecker wrote a great update on Reddit for the new Korean BBQ place on route 40. Chosun Hwaro took over the old TNM House building. This place sounds amazing with only one other US location which is in Vegas. Frank, if you’re reading, I want to know what you think of this place.

Popeyes - Clarksville - Coming Soon

Popeyes is expanding yet again. This time coming to Clarksville. Soon all the River Hill kiddos will be snarfing down chicken sandwiches. Jealous! They are taking over over the Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut - Clarksville - Closed

Well with news of Popeyes coming, you already now know. Pizza Hut is gone from Clarksville. This is a sad day. This was our go to Pizza Hut (please don’t judge us).

Starbucks - Columbia - Closed

This was a huge surprise. Starbucks in the Columbia Mall is gone. A very perplexing move. This location always seemed very busy and of course gets a lot of foot traffic. If Starbucks can’t stay, what does that say about the Mall and the potential for other food vendors?

Do you have any news on upcoming restaurants? Or are you the owner opening a restaurant in Howard County? Let me know in the comments below or contact me at

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