Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Fall Begins With These Sad Updates

Howdy Folks, today’s update mainly consists of closures. What a downer right? Before we get into it, I just want to mention a few places that have opened now: Starbucks in Clarksville, Mikey & Mel’s in Fulton and Kyoto Matcha in Ellicott City. Now let’s just get this over with, just like ripping off a band-aid.

Modern Market - Closed - Columbia

With only a little over 2 years, Modern Market is no more in the Dobbin Station shopping area.

Second Chance Saloon - Closing - Columbia

After 12 years, Second Chance Saloon will be closing it’s doors for the last time on 10/10.

Ruby Tuesday - Closed - Columbia

The Ruby Tuesday has abruptly closed down it’s location in the Snowden Square Shopping Center. The restaurant has been there since the start of the shopping center over 20 years ago. The Ruby Tuesday chain has been declining even before Covid-19 but the pandemic has caused the company to close more stores than originally forecast.

BurgerFi - Columbia

BurgerFi will be replacing Modern Market in the Dobbin Station Shopping Center. The franchise came to Maryland in 2018 but this will be the first location in Howard County.

Do you have any news on upcoming restaurants? Or are you the owner opening a restaurant in Howard County? Let me know in the comments below or contact me at

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