Thursday, November 12, 2020

Election, Coronavirus, and Updates

Been a crazy month, not just for the Nom Nom family, but for our nation. Did you have a good Halloween? Little Nom took part in our social distancing trick or treat that our little neighborhood did. Thanks to our lovely neighbors giving out a full Toblerone, Little Nom was ecstatic.

Hopefully you all did your civic duty and went out to vote. Thankfully election season is over and we can get back to focusing on other things. Congratulations to all the people who ran this season for positions in our district. It is great to see how much people care about improving Howard County.

COVID-19 cases are rising again. Governor Hogan is announcing restaurants go back down to 50% capacity. I do fear that we’re just at the beginning of what will be the worst we’ve seen of the virus. The good news is that a potential vaccine is doing better than predicted. Stay safe out there and protect one another.

Before we get into it, here are the latest places that are now open: Bushel and Peck, Quickway Hibachi, and Sunset Raw Juice Bar.

Rice Box - Now Open - Ellicott City

I was always curious about this location. The restaurant before called GMGalley seemed interesting (but a little sketchy). It is wedged in a lone shopping center next to a Mullinix. A new sign is up with a much more approachable name. They serve korean dishes. Seems like a great late night option for any night owls.

Paradise Indian Cuisine - Now Open - Ellicott City

This take out Indian restaurant has opened up at the 8000 Locust Mill building. Just outside of Old Ellicott City, they are located on the first floor corner of the building. They are the first food vendor in this building but hopefully not the last.

UPDATE (11/13/20): They are not new, they’ve actually been there for 4 years now.

Apna Juice Bar - Now Open - Ellicott City

Already open for a couple of months, this place is serving fresh smoothies and juices. They are right next door to Georgia Grace Cafe at the bottom of Main St.

Krispy Kreme - Now Open - Columbia

There is a Krispy Kreme kiosk now open at the Columbia Mall. They are setup in the food court with a fun display in the shape of their donut box. Unlike their regular stores, the donuts are not made “hot now” at this location. They do have a wide variety of donuts and serve coffee.

Katsu-San - Coming Soon - Clarksville

This interesting pop-up is specializing in Japanese sandwiches. I’ve had the pleasure to try something similar in Japan. It is definitely an experience. The bread is so light and soft. What’s inside, although very unique to what we’re used to, taste amazing. The real question though will be how well this translates here. Opening up Dec 4th in Clarksville at the Common Kitchen but they plan on hopping around.

Naz’s Halal Food - Coming Soon - Ellicott City

What started from a food truck in New York has now found their way to Howard County. Naz’s Halal Food will be opening their first location in Howard County at the new Normandy Shopping Center. The food looks mouth watering. They have a location open in Burtonsville (their first not in NY), has anyone had this?

India Bazaar - Coming Soon - Ellicott City

This isn’t a restaurant but thought it was too interesting to pass up. A new addition to the brand new Normandy Shopping Center is India Bazaar. This chain of grocery store has locations in Maryland and Virginia. Although this isn’t the first Indian Grocery store in Howard County, I believe this will be the largest.

Do you have any news on upcoming restaurants? Or are you the owner opening a restaurant in Howard County? Let me know in the comments below or contact me at

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