Saturday, January 30, 2021

A New Year, New Restaurants

Happy 2021 everyone! We’re finally rolling out some vaccines. Please go to pre-register here and see if you qualify for early vaccination.

Other great news is that the 10pm curfew for restaurants will be lifted on Feb 1.

Here are the latest openings on places we’ve blogged before about: THB Columbia, BurgerFi.

The Hoagie House - Ellicott City - Open Now

This virtual restaurant offers a variety of hot and cold subs. They work out of the same kitchen at the Bagel Bin in the Enchanted Forest Shopping Center in Ellicott City.

Owner Jake Spain is proud to serve top quality steaks, 3/4lb or Roseda Farms Dry-Aged Tri-Tip, for each 12” sandwiches. Little Nom is excited to try their quesadilla which is huge, served on a gigantic tortilla.

Just a reminder that you don’t have to use a delivery service, they do offer curbside pickup / carry out.

Big Little Cheese - Ellicott City - Coming Soon

Serving breakfast and lunch, this coffeeshop will be opening very soon. Right on Main St. in Old Ellicott City, you can’t miss the large cheese logo on their window. They have taken over from what used to be Jaxon Edwin.

Gladiator Pizza - Glenelg - Coming Soon

Gladiator Pizza, the replacement to Ashton’s Pizza, is scheduled to be open in a couple of weeks. They’ll be offering pizza, salads, ice cream, and shakes. They also will be offering “Grab-&-Go” pizza to either cook or freeze for later.

Smashburger - Ellicott City - Closed

Closed a couple of months ago, the last remaining Maryland location is in Rockville.

Uncle Grube’s - Elkridge - Closed

Uncle Grube’s offered some great pit beef. Unfortunately, it is now closed.

Do you have any news on upcoming restaurants? Or are you the owner opening a restaurant in Howard County? Let me know in the comments below or contact me at

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