Sunday, September 26, 2021

2021 Summer Closeout Mega Update

Mega Update! There have been a ton of new restaurant news. Instead of splitting these up into multiple posts, I’m just gonna get it all out there at once. Spoiler alert: A LOT of bubble tea places.

Here are the latest openings on places we’ve blogged before about: Dok Khao Thai Eatery, Dive Bar & Grille, Roggenart, Big Little Cheese, Gladiator Pizza.

California Tortilla - Columbia - Coming Soon

It’s been awhile since this place has been in Howard County (used to be in Dobbin Center). California Tortilla will now be opening a location in Columbia Crossing. It will be two doors down from THB Bagelry + Deli. This franchise is a fast casual Mexican take out.

Chicken + Whiskey - Columbia - Coming Soon

Chicken + Whiskey will be opening up at the Columbia Mall where Urban Plates was. The original restaurant in DC serves South American rotisserie chicken.

Kokee Tea - Columbia - Open Now

The Columbia Mall is changing constantly. Kokee Tea has jumped into the location where the short lived Ten Ren was. This is the first location for this franchise in Howard County.

Pizza Hut Express - Columbia - Open Now

Pizza Hut is now open in the Columbia Mall. This is located in the food court replacing Sbarros.

Taichi - Columbia - Coming Soon

A new Bubble Tea franchise is coming to Columbia Crossing. Taichi will have it’s second Maryland store where Ichiban used to be. I found a cool 3D render of the concept design:

Vennari’s Pizza - Columbia - Open Now

Vennari’s Pizza has moved to the Owen Brown Village Center. They took over the spot that was once Suncrust Pizza. Both offered similar menu items: pizza, wings, and subs. The location where Vennari’s used to be (Oakland Mills Village Center) will have “NYC Pizza” (not sure if that’ll be the name).

Ben Gong’s Tea / Bamboo Stix - Ellicott City - Open Now

Located in the Forest Green Princess shopping center, all the way in the back right corner. This franchise is the second location in Maryland. It’s a pretty large space where you can order bubble tea from one stand and food (ramen and appetizers) from the other.

Best Pho 59 - Ellicott City - Coming Soon

This will open in the Forest Green Princess shopping center. I’m surprised there isn’t a Pho place in that area already.

Cafe June - Ellicott City - Coming Soon

In the Forest Green Princess shopping center, a new sign went up where the Caffe Bene was. It looks like it’ll be very similar to Caffe Bene (just dropping the franchise name).

Over Rice - Ellicott City - Open Now

We haven’t seen Mochi Donuts here in Howard County yet. Over Rice has solved that. Located in the Forest Green Princess shopping center, they took over Sizzle Kabob. The establishment also offers Poke bowls, if sweets aren’t your thing.

Five Guys - Ellicott City - Coming Soon

Inside Chatham Station, replacing where GNC was (next to Squisito), there will be a Five Guys. This will be the first Five Guys in Ellicott City and fourth in Howard County.

Food Hall - Ellicott City - Coming Soon

This is very exciting news, user frankhecker wrote another great update on Reddit for a new food hall coming to the Chatham Station shopping center. It will replace where the Hallmark store used to be. Three expected establishments: Kung Fu Tea, TKK Fried Chicken, and Nan Xiang Express. I’m excited for Nan Xiang Express as it specializes in soup dumplings (something that we don’t have in Howard County).

Pipilinka Peruvian Charbroiled Chicken - Ellicott City - Coming Soon

Inside the Dorsey Search Village Center, replacing the Subway, will be a Peruvian chicken place. There’s not much else I can find so far about this place.

Kokee Tea - Clarksville - Coming Soon

The River Hill shopping center will get their own bubble tea shop. Located between Bagel Bin & Deli and Ledo Pizza. This will be the second Howard County location for this franchise.

Maiwand Kabob - Clarksville - Coming Soon

The River Hill Square is adding a great local franchise in Maiwand Kabob. Maiwand has always provided amazing Afghani Cuisine.

Manow Thai - Clarksville - Open Now

I’m very excited to try this place, there aren’t many Thai restaurants in Howard County. This place is located in Clarksville Commons. It has taken over what was once Kung Fu 12 Szechuan.

Cafe EZ 2 - Elkridge - Coming Soon

Looks like Cafe EZ will be expanding into the Lyndwood Shopping Center. It will take over at the end of the building where Haldi Indian Cuisine was. Cafe EZ is an amazing breakfast and sandwich shop that I highly recommend. It’s great to see them growing.

Curry & Pie - Elkridge - Open Now

This place looks like it might be another hidden gem. This Georgetown establishment has opened up a second location in Elkridge at the Rowanberry Center, replacing the Little Caesars. They offer Indian food and pizza. Something very intriguing is the Curry Pies that merge the curry into a pizza. I really want to try that Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza.

Blowfish Poke - Marriottsville - Open Now

It’s great to see that one of the vendors at the Common Kitchen is expanding. Blowfish Poke has setup a second location in Marriottsville. I love their Poke bowls.

Do you have any news on upcoming restaurants? Or are you the owner opening a restaurant in Howard County? Let me know in the comments below or contact me at

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